Once your leads have turned into clients, your marketing is not done. Your clients now become part of a very special list. Continually sharing relevant industry info with your client through email and social media helps to deepen your position as an expert in your field. If you’ve done a great job for them, asking for them to review you on popular review sites like Google Plus can do wonders for building your credibility, authority and trust.

CRM / marketing automation

Tying all your digital marketing together requires a special kind of software for managing the entire process end to end. A marketing automation platform includes email marketing, CRM, IP tracking, Lead Scoring and behavior tracking to help you meet your marketing objectives.

reputation management

Managing your brand's directory listings, online brand mentions, social media and reviews is critical to your digital marketing strategy. We centralize your data in our Clouseau Reputation Management program and send you alerts and reports so your can know and respond to important factors affecting your industry and business.

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Lab style training to make suggestions for improvements from the reports generated. We review the data and transform the information contained in these reports into actions for the marketing team.

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Why Analytics?

"Statistics are like bikinis. What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital."

by Aaron Levenstein