Digital marketing training for your marketing department. This is a lab style training program using your digital marketing assets. It is best to schedule this course for 6 to 10 months to realize your full potential.

A monthly program of one on one training.
We run it like a lab using your digital marketing assets.

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Hands on training to analyze and understand your data generated using digital analytics & reporting tools. Lab style training to make suggestions for improvements from the reports generated. We take the data and transform the information contained in these reports into actions for your company to take. 

Our training is run by Charles Brodeur who is first and foremost a practitioner with experience implementing and consulting on the Google platform across a wide range of industry verticals, website goals and marketing objectives. Training is run online through our screen sharing account and is run as a hands-on type “lab-based” course. 

We use your live examples and require login access to your company accounts. If you don’t have the necessary accounts we will set them up with you.

What’s Included?

This course focuses on the your website, your online marketing, and your business goals. We focus on aligning the online goals with your businesses revenue goals, marketing goals, and event goals. We work with a variety of marketing tools and software platforms. All software platforms and marketing tools are included.

1. Google Analytics Training 

2. Google AdWords Training

3. Google Webmaster Tools Training

4. Clouseau Social Media Training (includes a subscription to the Clouseau Social Reputation Software)

5. Clouseau CRM Training (Includes a subscription to the Clouseau CRM Marketing Automation Software)

6. Clouseau Marketing Automation Training (Includes up to 10,000 email sends per month)

7. Conversion Rate Optimization Training (Includes access to Google’s A/B Split testing tools)

8. Website Improvement Training 

9. Digital Marketing Project Management Training

The training program is a process of learning the necessary steps in developing a Digital Marketing Culture. However, the program is not set in stone. We tailor the training course as we go to accommodate your business needs and the students ability to manage the different learning courses. So, if you need more time we will continue on the same topic working with your current company marketing goals until we get it right and ready to move on. 


You can choose to get certified with Google and the various vendors or not. It’s up to you as to wether or not a certification on your wall is part of your personal development process. If you like we can work towards getting you certified with Google Analytics, and/or Google AdWords. 

Again. This course is custom tailored to your firms digital marketing needs. We will create marketing experiments, run email marketing campaigns, setup marketing automation tasks, manage your adwords campaigns and analyze your marketing performance all in an effort to train and to make you a better marketer.

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