Google AdWords Tip 3 Adding Sitelink Extensions to your Search Ads

Sitelinks are just one more way that you can enhance your Google AdWords campaign and achieve higher returns on your marketing budget. Site links allow viewers to not only navigate to the general landing page you have set up, but also to go directly to a product or service that is highlighted in your ad. This is one of the most effective Google AdWords tips around.

Maximize Your Links

When you first begin setting up site links to go along with your AdWords ad you will be directed to set up a minimum of two links for a desktop ad and one link for a mobile ad. However, Google takes care to compare the user’s keyword search with your ad to determine whether or not a site link is relevant before it is displayed. If you only have one or two site links set up, it is more likely that viewers will not see them at all due to lack of direct relevance to their search query. By setting up many different links Google can search for the one that best applies, and showcase that link.

Create Multiple Landing Pages

Sitelinks are designed to be a step above regular AdWords ads by targeting customers specifically. In order to achieve success with this system you must create multiple unique landing pages and avenues for your users to view. Creating multiple sitelinks that all point to the same landing page will ultimately cause Google to stop showing your sitelinks because the landing pages are not directly related to the original search query.

Be Concise

The best way to ensure that your site links are effective is to follow Google AdWords Tips for choosing keywords. If you know what keywords your customers are already searching for, you can create site links that cater to them. You can make your keywords short and concise, so that you are more likely to be brought up in search results in the first place.

Check Compatibility and Status

As a general rule it is a good idea to regularly review your ad campaign and recheck the top Google AdWords Tips to make sure you are on track. You should be combining a number of features and extensions to make the most of your marketing dollars. Unfortunately, some extensions do not work well with others. In addition, Google regularly monitors ad campaigns for effectiveness and security reasons. Take the time to double check your site links to make sure that Google has approved them, and ensure that they are not being disabled by other extensions in your play book.

Sitelinks can be a great way to make more conversions as they lead customers directly to the products and services they need most. They are an advancement on traditional AdWords campaigns that can provide a higher ROI when used properly. The key is to make your sitelinks clear and flexible in your overall campaign.