Monthly Archives: September 2020

Google Tag Manager Essentials – Part One

Google’s Tag Manager (GTM in short) is all about improving your marketing efforts.  It creates a powerful opportunity with a great amount of potential for bolstering what matters in your business: efficiency.  It has dependability and reliability where you need it. With the introduction of V2 of Tag Manager (now located at, Google added […]

Google Tag Manager Essentials – Part Three (Common Tracking Setups)

The Universal Analytics Pageview Tracking The first tag you will want to likely configure will be your Universal Analytics tag that will communicate directly with Google Analytics from within GTM.  To do this, add a new tag that is linked to Google’s Universal Analytics platform and is configured with your Analytics Tracking ID found within […]

The Why and How of Google Search Console – Part One

Google’s Search Console (formerly known as Webmaster Tools) provides powerful insights that can enrich and enhance your marketing analytics efforts and analysis.  Search Console is a very important free tool that every website owner ought to know about because there is no alternative to the sorts of data one can find within it. Registering a […]