Google AdWords Tip 2 Adding Callout Extensions to your Search Ads

Google AdWords for Search has created an innovative marketing tool, dubbed Callout Extensions, that’s designed to assist you in making your AdWords more appealing than ever before. Callout Extensions allows you to use your AdWords advertisements to educate potential customers about things you provide such as price matching, free consultations, or free shipping. Google strongly advises that anyone who chooses to use the Callout extensions should make an effort to keep the content posted in the advertisement short, to the point, and focused on our unique selling points.


Google has set up some restrictions to help prevent the overuse of Callout extensions. These restrictions include:

  • The information contained in the Callout advertisements can only be 25 characters or less
  • In order to be displayed, you have to have a minimum of two Callouts
  • Up to 4 Callouts can be featured in your advertisement.

The program has been set up to enable you to combine the Callout extension with other formats used by Google’s AdWords Search Advertising. You don’t have to worry about paying extra to use the Google Callback extension, but will continue to pay-per-click just as you did prior to making the extension a part of your marketing program.

Google AdWords Tips for Effectively including the Callback Extension in your Marketing Material

While AdWords shouldn’t be the only promotional tool you use to promote your business, it’s not one you should ignore. Every single thing that Google does can be effectively use to drive more members of your target market to your business. The key to success is utilizing Google AdWords tips to create the most effective search engine friendly promotional material possible.

Keep your Adds Concise

A common mistakes business owns make when is trying to fit as much information as they can into the space. The final result is always an advertisement that’s difficult to read. The sheer dearth of information actually drives potential customers away. Try to keep the number of words that appear in the Callback extension well below the allotted twenty-five.

Keep the Content Family Friendly

Google has strict rules about the type of content they’ll allow into the AdWords program and those rules extend to the Callback extension. There can’t be any adult language or images in the content you post.

Resist Using Dynamic Keyword Insertion

There’s a time and place for dynamic keyword insertion and the callback extensions aren’t the place. Don’t worry about making this section of your advertisements search engine friendly. Instead, focus on the aspect of your business you want to leap out at customers when they see the pay-per-click advertisement.

Pay Attention to Google’s Feedback

Pay attention to all the information Google provides regarding your AdWords account. The information allows you see what formats and Callback extensions are attracting the most attention so you can mirror the effect with your other AdWords promotional material.

Google’s Callback extension allows businesses to lure your target market away from the competition. Just don’t forget the useful Google AdWords tips provided in this article.