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What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is an advertising service and platform from Google that allows you to promote your business on Google's search engine and display network. The system is designed primarily around bidding on keywords in an auction-like manner. The more you bid, the more likely you are to appear above your competitor. There a some key analytical techniques to determine how much to bid and how to set daily budgets for each campaign. Using Adwords is the quickest way to determine which keywords are the most valuable for both paid and organic search results. 


Knowing which keywords to bid on and how much to bid is an ongoing and dynamic process. Understanding the volume of searches and the relative competition for those keywords is a good starting point. High volume and low competition is ideal. The more specific the keyword query, the more clear the intent of the searcher. Exact product/service names, model numbers, brands, common problems and questions can all make great keywords that lead to great page content. Measuring which keywords are bringing in the most valuable traffic is at the heart of Adwords management.


Since none of our clients have unlimited budgets, managing ad campaign spend is crucial. Using sophisticated techniques like bid-stacking allows broad match and phrase match keywords to run simultaneously all while actually paying less. Once the best converting (think ROI) keywords and ads are found for your business, you'll want to spend as much as possible on them. It's like having your own money machine.


As part of an overall digital marketing strategy, targeting your competitor's brand name is a direct way to show up when someone searches for your competitor by name. In addition, we analyze the competitors in your space to see what keywords they are bidding on, what they are saying in their ads and which ones are working best for them. We also analyze where they are placing those ads, and if appropriate, put our ads in those same places. Think of it a fishing where the fish are.


Bidding on your own brand name guarantees that you show up on Google's when someone searches for your brand by name. With the unified search and URL bar in most browsers, most people will just type in the brand name, without the domain extension, and then click on the first link with your listing. It's part of an overall strategy to make sure you are visible without having to rely on organic results only.


If you think that Adwords is expensive, then it's definitely time for an Adwords audit. By definition, if you cannot measure the effectiveness of the ROI of your ad spend, then you are most likely just "throwing some money at Adwords". A properly setup Adwords system means you intimately understand your customer acquisition cost (CAC), your lifetime customer value (LTV) and have clear conversion goals established and reported on. It also means you know what your most valuable keywords are and how much they are returning to you. Book an Adwords audit through our contact page.

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