Google AdWords Tip 1 Adding Google Maps Extension

Cato Sellers - Sunday, May 01, 2016

With Google's popularity as a search engine, a well-deployed AdWords campaign can be a strong component of your overall marketing strategy. But if you're looking for Google Adwords tips to improve your marketing efforts, you should consider adding extensions to your AdWords – and you should especially consider improving your local presence with the Google Maps extension.

Adding a location extension to your AdWords result offers two powerful and linked benefits:

  1. Alert local customers that you're in their area, and
  2. Offer more useful information to searchers.

These strategies are valuable Google AdWords tips in their own right. Here's why:

Alert local customers that you're in their area

Customers like local businesses. In fact, a study commissioned by Google discovered that 80% of customers used search engines to find local business results, and a third to a half of those customers went on to visit the local business within a day.

Google already prioritizes local results in their search listings, but adding a Google Location extension to your AdWords search ad can help make the point. If a customer only skims the results of their search for a few seconds before selecting a link to click, having a map with a pin for your business proudly displayed catches the eye, and removes any question of whether you're local or not.

Offer more useful information to searchers

When a customer searches for a local solution to their problem, they'll want to try out the solution against the context of their own life. How far of a drive is it to the location? Will they be able to stop by after work, or on the weekend, or need to make separate scheduling arrangements? If they're searching for a particular good or service, can they verify that it will be available at the location they're looking at?

Using the Google AdWords location extension allows you to provide relevant information for each of these questions. A pin on the sidebar's Google map lets customers imagine their routes to your location, and other information – such as hours and phone numbers – can be displayed with your AdWords ad as well. Not only does this increase customer confidence, but it also begins the process of customer engagement that can lead to a visit and ultimately a sale.

Use the Google Local Business Center

Because Google is so good at accruing information, it's possible to have a listing for your business on Google Maps without ever having signed up for one. While this can be a good first step if you've got good word-of-mouth around your brand, actively managing your Google presence will benefit you much more in the long run. As part of your AdWords campaign, use the Google Local Business Center to coordinate your presence on the Maps with your ongoing AdWords campaigns.

Properly managing your presence in local search results means greater engagement with your local customers, so make sure not to neglect these Google AdWords tips in your marketing plan.

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