Display advertising on the Google Display Network is a great way to reach new customers

Here's how we make Display Advertising easy...

Google display Ads

Display ads are everywhere. Almost every major website sells space to Google to place ads targeted to your ideal client. Display ads can show up based on demographic and/or psychographic data that you've deemed most relevant for your business. If you only serve local clients, your ads can still show up for on the Wall Street Journal for that client if they meet the criteria. The better you know your customer, the more precise you can be with your message and your ad spend. 


Want to target women between 30 to 40 that are stay-at-home moms — you can do that. Want to target hispanic male architects that work in Los Angeles — you can do that too. The more you know about your ideal client the better you can get the right message in front of them. Including demographic data in your Adwords campaigns not only keeps costs down, it make your ads spend more effective.


Want to run a campaign in a specific region? Adwords can be set up to only display that area by using zip/postal codes or even a set radius from a specific point on the map — like a 50 mile radius around your office. 


Instead of having Google decide which sites to place your ads on, you can choose specific site for you ads by using managed placements. Once again, the more you know your customer, the better you can choose the best sites or even page on those sites to serve your message.


If demographics is about "who" buys then psychographics is more about "why" they buy. Values, opinions, attitudes, spending habits, affinity groups and behaviors make up many of the key psychographic attributes that we are interested in. Knowing why they buy or what problem your business solves for them can make for some powerful targeting and messaging to help with conversions.


Display ads can burn through your budget pretty quickly they are  not set up properly. Display ads are used primarily to generate new traffic — turning strangers into visitors — and to get your company seen (impressions) as much as possible. An audit will let you know if you have the right message in front of the right audience at the right time and how much its costing you. 

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