A list of Digital Marketing Campaigns and tactics to drive awareness & engagement. 

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Hire a Digital Marketing Analyst 

When you engage with Clouseau you are hiring a Digital Marketing Specialist trained in analytics. Your account is managed using analytics to guide the direction of your marketing efforts. Every client engagement includes the ART of digital marketing (Analytics, Reporting, Training). 

Search Engine Optimization

We use SEO analytics to show us how we are performin in organic search and what we need to do to improve our results. SEO is a process of messaging, technical website setup, and relative domain authority. We help you understand how your site is performing and give you the tools to build your brand's exposure on the major search engines.
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Local Search Engine Optimization (Local SEO)

Local SEO is defined as search with "local" intent. The search engines are working hard to bring more relevant results to their clients and are using maps, reviews, and business listings to serve their customers. If you are a local business and need to be found in these types of results we will help. Local SEO is a process of technical website setup, directory listings, and monitoring the citations. We use programmers, publishers, and analysts to manage your account to maximize your exposure in these listings. 
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Search marketing is the paid advertising found on the search engine results pages. Search marketing can be a very expensive exercise if you don't measure your results properly. Our analysts manage the performance of a search campaign from the conversion analytics. It's not enough for a campaign to bring traffic. We focus on bringing the rght traffic that will engage with your webste and ultimately convert into a lead and or customer.


Display marketing includes advertising on websites, mobile sites, and apps. Understanding the metrics involved in a structured display marketing campaign is critical to your performance. We can track click thru rates, view thru rates, conversions and more. 
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Most clients find that Remarketing is the lowest cost per acquisition channel in the AdWords family of services. This service uses a tracking cookie to build lists of visitors who visit your site and then remarket to them. It's like the ads are following clients around the web. One of the more useful reports in the remarketing analytics is the view through conversion. We can see who has converted on your site after they have been served a remarketing ad even though they didn't click.
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Video marketing & YouTube Analytics gives you a better understanding of your audience. Find out who watches, what they watch, where they're from and more.


Facebook now has 1.5B users. A major player with a sophisticated platform for advertising. We find that many eCommerce clients are experiencing higher than average revenue per visit from Facebook. 

Campaign management

Whether your too busy, or need another set of eyes to help manage your campaigns we can help. Clouseau's marketing analytics and campaign management is available on a monthly service plan.

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Lab style training to make suggestions for improvements from the reports generated. We review the data and transform the information contained in these reports into actions for the marketing team.

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Why Analytics?

"If you torture the data long enough, it will confess."

by Ronald Coase