Centralizing your lead and client data allows better analysis and more conversions



Marketing automation is a category of digital marketing software that collects visitor data, manages deployment of automated (triggered) email campaigns and helps determine who your most valuable leads are based on their behavior - page visits and actions. The primary goal of marketing automation is converting leads into clients by educating and nurturing them through that part of the sales process. It is also a great way to keep existing clients engaged with your business by staying in front of them so they'll buy again and/or refer you to others.

CRM Software

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management software, centralizes all your customer communication and sales data in one place. It is primarily used by sales and marketing people to follow leads through the sales process, report on sales pipeline activity and improve the relationship with customers. There are a variety of CRM options available but the first step is to have absolute clarity on your sales process that will be used company wide. The biggest challenge though will be getting your people to use the new CRM system instead of falling back on their old ways - often spreadsheets, contact managers or even pen and paper. Talk to us about getting ready for CRM.


Knowing when your brand is mentioned, your industry is mentioned and when your competitors are mentioned online is essential if you are to stay current and responsive. We help our clients set up their own private news feed that searches for specific keywords and reports those findings in an actionable way. Think of it as keeping a finger on the pulse of your industry.

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Lab style training to make suggestions for improvements from the reports generated. We review the data and transform the information contained in these reports into actions for the marketing team.

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Why Analytics?

"The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight."

by Carly Fiorina,