So you’re ready for people to know who you are, but how do you do it? Taking a look at our client development model, you’ll see that building awareness is all about turning strangers into visitors.

This is how we use 4 primary tactics to attract new users on a regular basis. A brief synopsis is below:


The quickest way to show up on the first page of Google is to pay for it. If you know who you want to attract and what they are looking for, you can place yourself in front of these prospects in minutes.


Want to get your message out to the masses, then display ads can make a big impact. The Google display network is available on almost every major media site including Youtube and the Wall Street Journal. Just like placing a color ad in a magazine, display ads are designed to attract attention and to get potential client to click.


Being found organically for the keywords that matter most to your business takes time. Once your site is ready to be indexed by Google and you have your pages filled with amazing content, the organic search traffic will come. Great page titles, headlines and body copy along with properly tagged images are not just good for being found by Google but also great for getting your new visitors to take action.


Having a Linkedin page, a Facebook page, a Google Plus page and a Twitter page is just the beginning. Listening and contributing to your social network channels can do wonders for you and your business by building your online reputation and driving people back to your site to consume more of your valuable content.

From a digital marketing perspective, our goal is to initiate the tracking process by placing a cookie on the users browser so that we have a better chance of converting visitors into leads. Analytics are used along the way to see which tactics are resulting in the greatest number of goal conversions and how much should be invested in each of them.

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Why Analytics?

"In God we trust, all others must bring data."

by W. Edwards Deming