Dymoko is finalising agreements with TweetView

22-Oct-2009 Dymoko is pleased to announce that the company is in the final stages of formulating an agreement with TweetView . TweetView is mash- up of Twitter and Google Street View. The TweetView technology allows users to walk through their city and explore all the Twitter Tweets that people are producing while overlaying them on Google Street View.

This is a new kind of tool for a new kind of world. Users can login with their Twitter account and add 3D spatial context to their status or account. Give out "stweet cred" as well.

It allows people to find out where their friends are, where they are tweeting about and what's happening right now on the street. Businesses can examine what people are saying about their business from the street.

Professional spatial monitoring and statistics can also be performed by marketing companies and other organisations. See what's hot in your neighbourhood or what's trending across the globe.

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