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Premium Tools For Every Client

Google Analytics 

It should really be called Google Reports because it doesn't actually analyze anything. We customize Google Analytics for every client to measure their specific website goals.

CLouseau's Premium Analytics 

This software goes beyond Google Analytics. The premium visitor tracking software customized to your website will track individual customers and their micro conversions. We can see who (By Name) is visiting your website, where they came from, and their actions. 
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Clouseau Spy Lens

It's like caller ID for your website. An analytics program which maps your website visitors IP address to the major databases including Linkedin, Jigsaw, and Data.com. This is great for B2B clients who want to see who is on their website, where they came from, and which pages they read.
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Clouseau Reputation Monitoring

A software program that manages your brand's directory listings, brand mentions, social media reviews, and more.
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